Wild Ancient Sheng Pu-erh - Vintage 2011

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This precious and unique tea is grown and hand-picked on the slopes of Yunnan’s mist shrouded mountains. The tea bushes take their moisture from the morning mists and nutrients from the mineral rich, fertile soils of these pristine Yunnan mountain slopes. This highly prized tea has been revered for its health benefits for over 2000 years in China but today the rest of the world is awakening to the potential of Sheng pu-erh.

Sheng pu-erh is renowned for its digestive properties, as a health positive in promoting the immune system, and aids in the reduction of bad cholesterol leading to cardiovascular disease. Many drink Sheng pu-erh because of their belief in its anti-aging, cleansing and weight loss properties. This straw coloured brew is delicate to taste but stimulates your experience with a selection of vegetal undertones, while offering a positive cocktail of health aspects.

Long term consuption has been known to promote the following benefits:

  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Improved immune health
  • Assist weight loss
  • Reduction in constipation
  • Promote healthy heart and bone function
  • Aid digestive system by assisting the creation of stomach flora
  • Positive effects on cholesterol

Note: Results can vary for individuals

Ingredients: 100% wild organic Sheng pu-erh tea

Flavour: A golden straw coloured brew, with a delicate taste but which packs garden fresh, vegetal undertones creating stimulation throughout the mouth.

Brewing Suggestion: 1 teaspoon per cup infuser or 2 teaspoons per medium tea pot.

Tips: Each serving of Yunnan Sheng pu-erh stands up to 5 brews. To bring out the best flavour it is recommended to rinse the leaves with hot water between 85°c - 95°c for 10 - 15 seconds, then refill the pot and let it steep for 3 to 6 minutes.

Package Size: 50g