The Wild Yunnan Tea Story


Wild Yunnan Tea is proudly hand-picked in spring from wild forest tea trees. Many of these trees are between 300 and 3200 years old. Their roots have taken decades to grow, seeking out layers of ancient minerals, nutrients and sub-terrarium waters, which regular plants can’t access. These ancient tea trees grow in the most mineral-rich soils in the world in the cloud-veiled mountains of Yunnan.

Woman in traditional dress picking tea in Yunnan


The beautiful region of Yunnan houses many historical villages. The family of Wild Yunnan Tea founder, Yun, have called Yunnan home for generations. Yunnan is a land of ancient forests untouched by industrial society. It's these beautiful forests where Wild Yunnan Tea trees have been growing for centuries. This gift from nature is in every cup of Wild Yunnan Tea.


Wild Yunnan Tea is collected directly from ancient trees, not farmed like other teas. The tea leaves are delicately hand-picked, sorted & packaged with the utmost care. We don't use any machinery in our process to ensure the ancient tradition of Wild Yunnan Tea is respected.

This makes our teas rare with very low harvest yields of often less than 200kg a year for most varieties and less than 100kg per year for our gold label wild organic black tea due to a narrow window of 10 days for harvest from when the fine tea buds first appear. Wild Yunnan Tea has a natural smooth sweetness, without added sugar, not experienced when drinking other teas.


Founder Coco with grandmother

The cultivation and harvesting of Wild Yunnan Tea have been a time-honoured family tradition passed on through generations. Custodianship of this ancient gift from mother nature today falls to Wild Yunnan Tea Founder, Yun’s, uncles. They not only tend the trees but pick the precious leaves and then, using traditional methods handed down through the family, craft them into Wild Yunnan Tea. Being the custodian of such ancient gems has not always been easy, during the Mao years, Yun’s grandfather struggled with the back breaking labour of tea production. Later passing the responsibility to his sons and daughter.

Today Yun (Coco) Zeng, owner of Wild Yunnan Tea, brings her family teas to the Global marketplace. Wild Yunnan Teas gives us the rare opportunity to taste teas that have taken mother nature centuries to nurture and generations of Yun’s family to perfect. 


Experienced tea masters are meticulous during the production of the tea. Wild Yunnan Tea is hand plucked, hand blended and hand packaged in our elegant packaging. A strict quality assurance process is required to maintain our official organic certification process. Tea masters and connoisseurs recognise our teas' unique health-giving properties. 

They are teas to savour, with tastes and aromas that range from smooth and creamy to earthy, depending on the degree of age and in some cases fermentation. These are premium teas, unlike any other tea brands on the market.


Today Yunnan Wild Tea brings this incredible gift from nature to the wider world. Our collections of white, black & ancient pu-erh tea are a healthy, invigorating beverage to be enjoyed by casual tea drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Not only is Wild Yunnan Tea an incredible taste experience but it delivers amazing health benefits and curative effects. Experience your own story with Wild Yunnan Tea.