About Yunnan Wild Tea

Wild Yunnan Tea was founded to bring Yunnan Tea to the global market. Yunnan is famed for being 'the birthplace of tea' and there's truly nothing like it. Wild Yunnan Tea has been harvested from ancient tea trees by the same family for generations. The tea leaves are picked & prepared by hand and carefully packaged to bring you the most authentic tasting tea.


Founder Yun (Coco) Zeng, owner of Wild Yunnan Tea, brings her family teas to the Global marketplace. Wild Yunnan Teas gives us the rare opportunity to taste teas that have taken mother nature centuries to nurture and generations of Yun’s family to perfect.

At an early age, Yun was bedazzled by the bright lights of the big cities and Shanghai lured Yun in. Opening her own hospitality business wasn’t easy but started her own journey as an entrepreneur. It was here, in Shanghai, Yun met her Australian-born partner, Daniel. Yun later moved to Australia where an opportunity to fine tune her hospitality skills by working with the Hyatt hotel group came along.

When Yun introduced Daniel to her family and the traditions of Wild Yunnan Tea it stirred thoughts and emotions in Yun–of how she could return to her roots in the world of tea. Making the decision to live in Australia, and in particular, Canberra gave Yun the opportunity she had been looking for. She dreamed of bringing to the people of Australia, the flavours and health benefits of her Yunnan tea. Not just any Yunnan tea but her family's own wild ancient and handcrafted teas. After many discussions with her mother and uncles, Yun’s dream was coming true and in August of 2015, Yunnan Village was born which would later become “Wild Yunnan Tea”.